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Mariner Square


The Wax Works

Ornate figurines and elaborate sets are a feast for the eyes at Newport’s Wax Works.

welcome to the oregon wax musem - the wax worksHundreds of sculptures, each elaborately molded and detailed, delight visitors from around the world. Where else can you see Hollywood legends and sci-fi creatures just by turning around?

Each figure is created with incredible attention to detail. Sculptures can take months to build and can cost tens of thousands of dollars!

hollywood wax figures - the wax worksMeet the crew of MASH and Marilyn Monroe, hobbits, gangsters and even Frankenstein!

To make a wax figure, a mold is made around a clay base that has been meticulously measured and sculpted. A combination of wax and fiberglass floods the mold creating the bare form of a new figure. After a delicate paint job, custom tools like hair threaders are used to bring the figure to life.

Come see our sculptors’ artistry and fantasy for yourself – can you tell which one’s real?

spooky wax musem critter - the wax works