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Mariner Square


Oregon Undersea Gardens

Visit the amazing Oregon Undersea Gardens and GO DEEP on the live dive in our exclusive Undersea Theatre at the bottom of the sea!

Descend... into the magic submarine world of the Oregon – home of the largest collection of local marine life to be found anywhere! You’ll come face to face with the excitement, the wonder, the magic and mystery of the underwater world.

Beneath the surface, all manner of fish swim through the kelp forest. Follow the remarkable life cycles of schools of fish in their natural habit. Amongst ghostly gardens of white and crimson anemones, the ferocious looking Wolf eel lurks and the largest species of octopus in the world glides the reef.

The sea gives up it’s secrets in our unique underwater theater. Continuous dive shows are filled with action, special effects and surprises! Expertly narrated by knowledgeable tour guides and scuba divers equipped with underwater communications, you'll get to know the stars of this submarine drama!


What will you find at the Oregon Undersea Gardens?

Check out the video to find out!